You Made It!

How long have you been looking for free sheet music downloads? Have you spent hours on search engines, on links pages, only to end up discouraged and hopeless?

If so, congratulations! This is your last stop. Within these pages you'll find just what you need: free sheet music.

Night School

I made this site as a kind of 'education' spot for people like you; people looking for free sheet music. What you'll find here will set you on your way to making your own sheet music for the rest of your life.

I'm Here to Rescue You

If you're like me, you're probably sick and tired of combing the Internet looking for that special song. You're thinking that with a billion web pages on the Internet, your song is probably out there somewhere. And you're right: it probably is.

So I'm going to help you find it. When you sign up for a membership here, I'll take you through each phase of sheetmusic-making, one step at a time. I'll show you how to find the song you're looking for, I'll show you where to get the software you need to convert it, and how to print it out. You'll love the elegant simplicity of instant free sheet music, anytime, anywhere. Log in from any computer and download all you want. Free sheet music downloads forever!

My Story

Back when the web was still fairly new to most people: 1995 to be exact, I started a web site called [tran]scribe. It was my attempt to be a 'scribe' for people: to take their songs and convert them into sheet music. It was a lot of work, and a big learning experience for me. I learned that note-by-note transcription can get costly; often too costly for most people to hire me. At $250 a song, most people were saying, "forget it!"

So I decided to put the tools of music transcription within reach of anyone, and instead of charting each song, one song at a time, to let my friends on the Internet learn to do it themselves.

I located freeware and shareware-- some of which is very hard to find-- and I wrote custom search engines specialized in finding music files called midis. These files are sheet music in disguise. What you'll learn here will unlock their secrets and you'll be printing free sheet music in minutes.

So start your course today: sign up for NotationMachine, and begin downloading and printing YOUR free sheet music.

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