Are you tired of searching the Internet for sheet music?

This is me, in my back yard.

This is me-- can I help you?

So was I! After hours of back-breaking searches I have finally put together a definitive collection of search engines and third-party software. This is incredible material because it brings the many free music making tools of the Internet together in one place.

Now you can use it too! Make your own sheet music quickly and easily!

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What is this?

Think of it as a collection of information. Information is power. Once you read the simple instructions contained within this site you'll be able to make your own sheet music any time, any place. This course will take you through four easy steps, teaching you in easy to understand ways.

Where is this sheet music?

Many people are suprised to find out that sheet music can be found all over the Internet hidden in a type of file called a MIDI file. You've seen them: people use them as background music on web pages. They're everywhere, and thousands of popular hits are available to you right now.

You can take all of the musical information hidden within these MIDI files and translate them to sheet music instantly ! Our site shows you how.

What makes this site special?

There may be other sites that have software to download. Maybe other sites have MIDI files too. But only at this site are all the MIDI file software and all the MIDI file search engines in One Place . Only here will you get unbiased opinions on the effectiveness of each program.

How can I trust you?

You can trust me, because I've been doing this since 1997. That's right, when the Internet was still new and fresh I was already serving customers, and I have a long list of satisfied people to show for it. I've put together a few of the comments people have made after making sheet music using the NotationMachine. Click Here to read them.

If you like, call me at home: 613-887-2439. I'm a real person, and I believe in what I'm doing and stand behind the product I sell.

How fast can I get it?

It's immediate. As soon as you have made your purchase you'll be instantly sent a usercode and passcode. You can then log into the members section and begin your downloads.

What if I don't like it?

That's when our guarantee kicks in. We are so certain you will like it that we promise a 100% money-back guarantee.

Great! What do I do?

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