About Us

The NotationMachine started out as a music transcription company called tran-scribe.com. We would do custom music transcription for our clients on a job-by-job basis. While this was fulfilling, we realised that the cost of individual transcription put it out of reach for many of our potential clients. We needed a more cost-effective solution.

So Affordable

That's when we decided to teach about transcription, and to make the tools available and accessible for the average person. We began collecting software, and writing instructions, building special search engines, and more so that music transcription was affordable.

We've Come a Long Way

That was 1999, and it's been a blast! There are still two of us here at the office, but we've had thousands and thousands of clients.We know you'll enjoy learning about notation, and we'll be here to answer your questions.

The Team at NotationMachine.com

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