Testimonies and Comments about The Notation Machine

Below this box are comments from real people who are using the Notation Machine. I'd love to hear from you too! Want to make a comment? Send me a note. jasonsilvernospam@notationmachine.com . (Simply remove 'nospam' from my email address).

What people are saying...

"Kyla, my daughter, wrote you asking you about sheet music for her flute. She's a beginner in middle school and absolutely loves playing the flute. I didn't learn to play a musical instrument in school but I help her all I can. We found your site while looking for a Christmas song for her to learn and play in the Christmas play at church. She found silent night and performed it beautifully!
Thank you for offering music for every one!
Pam Gelston"

"Hi Jason,
What can I say? Your site is fantastic! I have spent a small fortune on sheet music in the past and as a retired pensioner this was becoming rather prohibitive. I can now really drive the neighbours wild wit all my new renditionings!

Thanks again,
Kind regards,
David "

"...By the way, we are very impressed with your program/website - my father-in-law plays piano at nursing homes and it is great that we can find old songs on MIDI files and put them into sheet music. Before I stumbled across your site, I had been looking for hours trying to find particular songs that the "old people" had requested. Now it is really easy. My husband really liked changing the sheet music around to get it the way we wanted it. It is a fantastic program.

Thank you!
Inez Hanson "

"I use and enjoy this site very much. Thank you for sharing your music & knowledge with me& everyone. I would like to see more chords,such as 9ths, & diminished 7ths if possible. Again, thank you for maintaining this wonderful site"
Yolanda Compton

"Hi Jason
Thank you so much for all your help. I didn't mean to be such a pest, and I truly thank you. I did download what you sent me and I am very happy. Once again thank you for being so helpful and quick to answer my emails.
Mary Williams "

"I had no problems downloading songs. In fact, I now have hundreds of them on my computer and a CD. After the software downloaded I was able to quickly convert the songs to sheet music. Wow! One song takes 81 pages! I didn't print it out - just took a peak with Print Preview.
Thanks again
Judy Ritchey " - Michigan City, Indiana

"Hi Jason, the notationmachine is just great!
Best regards Martin " - Killarney, Kerry, Ireland

" A Good Plain Help On Music
This is the best page on the net for music notations. It's simple and plain and to the point. Helped me a lot.
vkhandka@yahoo.com "

James Yumin "Hi Jason,
Thanks for a great site. I am a registered user of the notation machine and I love it.
Jim " - Greensburg, Pennsylvania


"I am creating classical music and the machine is terrific especially since it is free!!"


"Dear Mr. Silver,
The Notation Machine is great! It has all the major midi transfering programs and the best search engins. Also the price is affordable. I love it!
Ryan Lane "

"Dear Jason:
Thank you very much. I have a son who is deaf and he takes up a lot of my time and money. Your website is absolutely wonderful. I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with me. I would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn more about music.
Thank you very much,
Have a great day,
Beth "

Hey, just wanted to drop a note and say thanks. this website really helped me out with my prob. I didn't know how to find free sheet music on the internet, but you really helped me. thanks again!
Derek Snow "

"Your site and wonderful!! You explain everything in a very simplified way so I can understand it!! Thankyou!!
Debbie nelson"

"I have used the "Notation Machine" to produce sheet music I can't find published. It's great!"
John Kann - Rice Lake, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

"Thanks, Jason, for your reply. I appreciate it. So many people dont get back to you personally. I must say your links are great and I will be able to get alot of music I was looking for.
Barry Stearns " - West Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.

"Thank you. I think you have a great service to offer. I have already saved NotationMachine to Favorites. I'll visit in the near future.
Best of good business to you.
Sable Winters Jazz Ensemble "

Ron Wilner "Thanks to you, I'm having a delightful time sequencing MIDI's from existing sheet music, and actually have many of them on the web. Check out musicalheaven.com, a marvelous site for sharing midi sequences from Broadway."
Ron Wilner - Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.


"...Some people have a gift to learn, but not teach. You obviously have both gifts."
Delacey Wilson .

I'd love to reinstate my subscription. I haven't been around the Notation Machine for a while, but I was planning to sign up again next month when I have a bit more time during the Olympics.
Its a great service - my music friends are signing up too.
When I make my own music it makes it that much more enjoyable to play."
Skye McLachlan - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

"I had no idea of the volume of resources that the notation machine made available to me. It has solved many of my music needs.
Jerry Duckworth " - Sumner, Washington, U.S.A

"I'd like to say that the Notation Machine is fantastic, it works well and I'm completely happy with it."
Lauren B Cao - Queensland, Austrailia

Bill Soderberg "...I especially appreciated how you were there for personal help along the way. Thanks for all you attention..."
Bill Soderberg - Hingham, Massachusetts


"The contents is overwhelming! Thank you so much for what you collected there, and how you organized it all. Now I have reading for a week, together with all that exiting NIFFs and ABCs!! I never saw better informational service, that is really great idea - to guide your customers through the site literally by hand, giving more than adequate high quality information together with excellent introduction to the subject. I hardly left your site in an hour armed with a lot of new information, heavy loaded with software to try, and with much better understanding of what I really might want.
Sincerely yours,
Vladimir Volodin .

Glenn Albert "The personal attention that I have received is second to none! I sent in a piano tape of the song I wrote along with the words on paper and it was combined into professional sheet music that I was able to download for review. I sent back the few changes needed and it was done. The Notation Machine gets my vote for the 'Grammy'!
Glenn Albert - Voorhees, N.J.

"As someone who has been involved with music from the age of 5, I am extremely satisfied... THIS amount of customer service is fading... I cannot see how a customer could possibly be disappointed."
David Ganulin - Japan

"I signed on to the notationmachine about 1 month ago, I immediately started searching for midi songs, staying up very late, finding lots of oldies that I would love to have my husband play on his sax--------the songs we loved during our teen years--------------so I downloaded many songs, learning to make files to store them... I can afford this price---thank you for lowering it. I'm really excited about it!"
Nancy Thomas

"My name is Kristi, I'm 14 years old and love to sing! That's why I love your site, it has so much wonderful sheet music on it, for free. Its the best! Keep up the good work!!

"I have been very pleased with the professional treatment I received... The product he delivered to me was excellent... I was especially impressed with the personal attention I received resulting in a transcription that was consistent with my requests and expectations..."
Skip Hindman

"I think that your web-page are really helping the musicians who don't have the recourses that other musicians in bigger cities in the world have. Keep up the good work thanks a mill."
Singer South Africa, Dirk Eloff

"Hey Jason,
Excellent website!!!! I found exactlt what I needed. I play a lot of classical music andIve been trying to find Moonlight Sonata and lucky it was on your website...
Lauramarie "

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